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Conventional Loans

» Avoid Mortgage Insurance
» Competitive Rates & Flexible Underwriting
» Ability to do a No-Cost Loan(purchase or refinance)
» Financing up to 95% loan to value on primary residence
» Cash-Out/Debt Consolidation up to 85%(refinance only)

Eligible properties include Single Family Residence, Condo, Townhouse, Duplex, and Manufactured Homes(75% LTV for manufactured homes. For more info visit manufactured homes)

Refinance up to 95% of your primary home’s value with NO mortgage insurance » This is a rate/term refinance with the intention of reducing your interest rate or removing mortgage insurance. The old days of needing 20% equity in order to avoid mortgage insurance are gone. Also, if your goal is to pay off your home faster, you may also reduce your loan term(EX: 30 year fixed to 15 year fixed). Up to $2,000 cash back is allowed at closing.

Pull cash out of your primary residence up to 80% of your home’s value » Proceeds can be used for any purpose such as consolidating debt, starting a new business, or anything else. This can be a great program for homeowners who currently have a conventional loan or looking to get out of their FHA loan. Learn more about cash-out mortgages…

NO Closing Costs » Take advantage of a no-cost loan to maintain more equity in your home » We do not like adding closing costs to our loans so we usually encourage clients to do a no-cost refinance. This means there will be no lender fees, no title insurance fees or any other junk fees added to your loan balance.

 Making Home Affordable Program » This program established for those who do not have much equity in their home. In fact you can be upside down in your home and qualify for a rate reduction and lower monthly payment. To check if you qualify please visit the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac website.

**Primary residence or investment property allowed. Backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Does not require taxes and/or insurance to be escrowed**

Purchase a home with only a 5% Down Payment. You can choose from 95% financing w/NO mortgage insurance or 95% with temporary mortgage insurance which can be removed after 2 years. 30/15 year fixed loans and government regulated ARM’s are available

» Down Payment can be a gift from family or employer.
» Requires only 660 credit score.
» Competitive rates and low fees.
» No up-front mortgage insurance or monthly mortgage insurance.
» Does not require taxes and/or insurance to be escrowed.
» Backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
» No Closing Costs Option Available.


The Homepath program can only be used to purchase a Fannie Mae owned foreclosure. It is a conventional loan that offers a few incentives compared to regular conventional loans.

» No appraisal required(Fannie Mae appraisal already provided)
» Only 5% Down Payment
» No Mortgage Insurance


It has been common these past few years to ask the seller to pay for closing costs but in this kind of market, homebuyers need to stay as competitive as possible with their offers. Not asking the seller to cover closing costs can make the difference of whether an offer gets accepted or not. We offer premium pricing to cover closing costs & escrows with a lender credit. This is just another option that we like to offer our customers to give them more leverage during the home buying process.

Check Today's Mortgage Rate