Trust Home Loans LLC Reviews

Trust Home Loans LLC reviews

Trust Home Loans, LLC Reviews

Real reviews from real clients! Thank you everyone for being such great clients. This business can be difficult sometimes but we always try our best to be sensitive to our clients needs and work hard to make sure the loan process goes as smoothly as possible.

Melissa Brown
“It was finally time for us to refinance our home loan. We had been sifting through mailings from other mortgage companies and banks for months, and were not sure on the best options out there. Igor carefully listened to the details of our home and current loan, and quickly ran numbers to assess our needs and options. Igor gave us time to breathe without high-pressure tactics, but diligently kept in contact with us as we asked additional questions and came to our final decisions. Igor was thorough, knowledgeable, accurate and on top of all details through our whole process. He works closely with Colorado Escrow & Title, who also provided excellent customer service and showed a high level of accuracy and professionalism. We feel wonderful about closing on our loan this week, and highly recommend him if you are looking for a timely and trustworthy experience.”
German Velasco
“I first contacted Igor Drake after doing some research on Google about some issues I was having trying to refinance. I simply asked Igor a question via email, and within hours we were on the phone going over details. He earned my trust very fast due to his honesty. He took so much time to do research before he even knew he was going to be able to refinance.
He put so much time and energy into our refinance, and my wife and I felt like we had someone on our side; besides those big banks that are just our for themselves. When we were all said and done, we saved over $500. I recommend Igor to my family and friends, he is always willing to listen the issues at hand, and offer solutions; and be honest with what can and can’t be done. Please feel free to reach out to me, if you need a personal recommendation.”
Bob Macias
“When I started calling mortgage companies to refinance my house I felt a lot of pressure by the people I was talking to. When Igor called me he took his time to explain what my options are and I felt comfortable working with him right away. He even came to my house and explained everything to me. I saved over $600 a month and he helped me payoff all of my credit cards. “
This is Bob's house. Congrats on your new loan!

Bob’s house in Commerce City. Congrats on your new loan and go Broncos!

 Darby Cade(NEW)

Igor Drake was such a pleasure to work with. He went above & beyond to help us find the best loan options to purchase our home. I have recommended him to numerous friends who have had the same great experience. Buying a home is the biggest purchase you will ever make. Its nice to have someone you trust to walk you through it.

Igor you have performed a miracle you were able to get it done while others failed I appreciate your hard work and honesty, now I know what it means to deal with someone who knows the business as well as you do, I will refer you to everyone I know not just because you helped me but because I care for my friends and family and I want them to be taken care of the right way.
thank you and God bless you Igor

Marisa Ayon Wow!! is really all I can say. As a first time buyer my experience was made easy because of Igor Drake he was very explanatory throughout the process, as well as friendly, professional and incredibly thrall so closing was made simple. You hear so many horror stories that closing is not always on target but due to Igor’s experience he was already prepared so I did not have to worry about a thing. I am happy that I came into contact with such a great lender, I would recommend Igor Drake to anyone and I will sure call him when the time comes for me to buy another house.

Lory Howlett  I have purchased 11 homes and refinanced 6 mortgages and have never had such great, thorough, knowledgeable, personal and creative service as I did with Igor Drake. I never once worried that my loan would fall through the cracks. Or that it wouldn’t close. Or that I wasn’t getting the “most best” loan product for my particular situation.
I cannot recommend Igor highly enough! Amazingly, I found him through an internet search. And now I consider him a friend. If you or someone you know is looking to purchase or refinance, I highly recommend Igor!

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