Denver Refinance

Due to a substantial property value increase in the Denver Metro Area and still very low interest rates, homeowners may now reduce their monthly payment by dropping their interest rate and removing unnecessary mortgage insurance. The Denver real estate market has dramatically gone up in value since 2013 and surprisingly interest rates…

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Colorado Mortgage Rates Update

Wholesale mortgage rates as of Jan, 19th 2015. Please contact us for a detailed loan quote/estimate. Conventional Loans 30 year fixed – 3.75%(3.875% APR) 15 year fixed – 3.25%(3.32% APR) FHA/VA 30 year fixed – 3.25%(4.6% APR including mortgage insurance) 15 year fixed – 3%(4.45% APR including mortgage insurance)  

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Colorado Property Taxes

Below is a chart of the average Colorado tax rate. The Total Tax Rate of .075541 basically means 7.55% of your home’s appraised value. So for example if your home is worth $200,000, your annual property taxes would be $1,510.

County Tax Rate 0.013980
City Tax Rate 0.008752
School District Tax Rate 0.052116
Water and Sanitation Tax Rate 0.000693
Total Tax Rate 0.075541

Denver County will typically have lower property taxes but smaller, newer Cities like Centennial or Highlands Ranch, can be twice as much. If you look closer at the tax rates above, you’ll notice that majority of Colorado property taxes go towards paying for our public schools. Bigger cities like Aurora and Colorado Springs will also have cheaper property taxes due to higher population and having a more established city governments.

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