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Property values in Colorado have skyrocketed in 2014 which makes it easier for Colorado homeowners to get cash-out, get rid of pointless mortgage insurance, consolidate debt,  or just reduce their interest rate or loan term. 



Reduce your Interest Rate A rate reduction refi can save you thousands of dollars in interest plus lower your monthly payment. In addition to reducing the interest rate, if you are currently colorado refinancepaying mortgage insurance, you may no longer need to pay that if you have as little as 5% equity in your home.

Debt Consolidation • Use the equity in your home to pay off car loans, credit cards or any other debt. Consolidating debt into a fixed low interest rate mortgage can typically save a homeowner between $400-$1200 per month. Learn more…

Reduce Loan Term • Refinance into a shorter term. Besides paying your home off sooner, you will save tens of thousands of dollars in interest. The most common term reduction is going from a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan. Use the Term Reduction Calculator to see how much you can save.

Get Cash • Do a cash-out loan and get a check at closing. Use the funds for any purpose such as starting a business or send a loved one to college. We provide FHA, VA and Conventional cash-out loan programs. For more information regarding cash-out loans please visit our Cash-Out page.

Remove Mortgage Insurance • Get rid of your mortgage insurance by refinancing into a conventional loan. Learn more…

FHA Streamline Refinance your current FHA loan without having to qualify all over again. No appraisal, no paystubs, no w2’s, etc. Learn more…

VA IRRRL/Streamline • Refinance your current VA loan without having to qualify again. No appraisal, no paystubs, no w2’s, etc. Learn more…

Skip a Payment • Did you know that you can skip a payment when refinancing your home? Just another bonus to help you alleviate some financial stress!


We typically encourage our clients to avoid closing costs. By avoiding closing costs you will save equity by not adding thousands of dollars to your loan balance. Of course all situations are different so this will depend on many factors including how long you’re planning on living in the home. Learn more about no-cost loans…


A refinance usually 3-4 weeks depending on the loan type. An FHA or VA streamline refinance usually takes only 2 weeks because there is no appraisal. Also, after you close on your new loan, we have to wait 3 days before everything becomes official. The 3 day rule is a government regulation that protects consumers in case they need to withdraw the loan after closing.


Your only out of pocket cost should typically only be the appraisal fee. Appraisal usually ranges between $425-$550 depending on loan type. Sometimes a survey is required but this is very rare. As many other lenders, we do not ask our customers to pay any credit report or application fees.


Loan documents will vary depending on the loan type. Please visit Loan Documents page to see which documentation will apply to you. Please contact us if you have further questions.

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