USDA Rural Loans

Colorado USDA Loans

USDA rural loans are zero down mortgages for low to moderate income households who are looking to either refinance or purchase a home within the allowed USDA locations in Colorado. USDA mortgages are 100% financing. No down payment is required although closing costs still exist. For the most part, as long the property is not located in a major metro area, there is a good chance that it will qualify for a USDA mortgage. Please reach out to us if you have further questions or would like to get pre-approved.

• For Properties Located in Rural Colorado
• 100% Financing(Zero Down Payment)
• Purchase & Refinance
• 30/15 Year Fixed Loans
• Very Aggressive Interest Rates
• Flexible Underwriting/Easy Credit Score Requirements
• Ability to Purchase Home with Acreage

USDA financing is a great program for Colorado residents because we have lot’s of open land and rural areas in our State. The USDA loan will allow homebuyers to purchase/refinance a home with zero down and offers very competitive interest rates and minimal monthly mortgage insurance. USDA is considered by most mortgage professionals to be a superior loan program when compared to FHA financing. This is truly a great program for low and moderate income borrowers.

Helpful Links & Tools

Find out if a property is eligible for USDA Financing here. Plug in any address to find out if the property is eligible for USDA financing.

USDA Income Limits – Find out if your income qualifies for USDA **NOTE** Please use the MODERATE income when reviewing the income limits. Keep in mind that the income limits are based on household income so if your spouse isn’t going on the loan but has a job or another income source, his/her income must be included in the maximum income calculation. Also, be aware that Colorado income limits will change depending on the County the property is located in. Please contact us if you have further questions.

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